About Ink Rose

Ink Rose™(Anastasia Snyder) is the founder of Ink Rose, Inc. She is a successful Digital Illustrator, Voice Actress, and Online Video Producer. She is currently attending The Art Institute where she is working on her Bachelors Degree in Game Art & Design.
GOAL: Her desire is to become a professional writer and concept artist for video game companies.
An artist, writer, and voice actress, she is well known for multiple narrated stories she has created for her YouTube audience of over 100,000 subscribers. She co-produced, Behind the Beta, which features interviews with various “unsung heroes” in the video game industry. As a Youth Advisory Board of the non-profit, Make A Difference Entrepreneurs, she appeared as a co-host on various episodes of Get Made!
On the artistic side of things, she is an avid digital illustrator, and works heavily with programs like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
Currently, she is working on writing and illustrating her original series, "Dragon Queen", which is set to be a trilogy. Book one, "Dragon Queen: Scarlet Reign", is available in both ebook and print form.
In terms of voice acting, she has performed in multiple fan dubs of comics and video games
Ink Rose routinely attends and speaks at conventions where she showcases and sells prints of her work and her book series, "Dragon Queen".
TV Show Hostess
Ink Rose is the Audience Hostess for the Healthcare Games Showdown™ and the XR Showdown™ TV shows on Amazon Prime and live-streamed on Twitter, Mixer and YouTube.
As a veteran kid entrepreneur, she has been featured on Good Morning America and in Forbes.
Ink Rose Kid and Youth Entrepreneur
A veteran kid and youth entrepreneur, she began her first business, Anya’s Bakery, at the age of six years. Her next venture at ten years of age, Lovin’ It Loops, involved making and selling knitted goods. her ventures into illustration sales began when she was thirteen years old. She published her first novel at seventeen years of age.

Influence within the MLP Community

Ink Rose has had a measurable influence within the fandom community of "My Little Pony" (MLP), an animated TV show. Older male fans of the series are called "Bronies", and they along with female fans ("Pegasisters") have been some of Ink Rose's kindest supporters.
Ink Rose MLP OC
Ink Rose's "My Little Pony" OC  (Original Character)
Inky Rose MLP
Inky Rose, an official character in the MLP TV show
Inky Rose VS Ink Rose
Within the MLP fandom, Ink Rose is believed to have inspired the official Inky Rose character in the TV show
Ink Rose in Bob's Burgers
Ink Rose is believed to have inspired art in the TV show,"Bob's Burgers", for 'The Equestranauts' episode (2014)
Ink Rose Fan Art
Hundreds of fans have created illustrations featuring Ink Rose's OC
Ink Rose with OC Plushie
Ink Rose holding a custom OC plushie doll created by a fan