Written & Illustrated by Ink Rose

When an army of vicious dragons attacks Princess Aelwen and the peaceful land of Eveanor, she finds her kingdom and family on the brink of destruction. With escape only found by becoming a cursed dragon, Aelwen must find a way to undo the transformation and restore her land to its former glory by defeating the beastly legions and their monstrous empress. In her quest for victory, Aelwen unlocks the secrets of the land, finds refuge within a mysterious tribe, and befriends a knowledgeable, yet reluctant companion, Gerel.

And so begins the scarlet reign...

Dragon Queen Book Cover
"This is a wonderful read. It has a story that looks familiar but feels like nothing else in its genre I've encountered." - Dracone, Amazon Review
"At first seeming like a typical fantasy coming of age story, the further I read into it the more surprises I found. Anastasia Snyder excels at creating atmosphere depending on the story’s needs, sometimes otherworldly and mystical and at times dark and oppressive." - Oscar Stainton, Amazon Review
"I love all the cool drawings and descripted words and details. It is a wounderful way to have spent summer vacation." - Amazon Reviewer
"This story is excellently written! I love the themes and the world you've created in here. I simply cannot wait for the next book!" - Lady of Unicorns, Amazon Review

35 Illustrations ~ 296 Pages

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