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Ink Rose™ (Anastasia Snyder) is the founder of Ink Rose, Inc. She is a successful Digital Illustrator, Voice Actress, and Online Video Producer. She is a graduate of The Art Institute with a Bachelors Degree in Game Art & Design.

Ink Rose Self Portrait

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A story-rich stylized 3D platformer!

Mariposa and the Galaxy Man

A story-rich stylized 3D platformer set in a galaxy with colorful planets based on different decades of the 1900s. Save space creatures, platform precarious places, solve physics-based puzzles, and interact with fun characters as you zoom across the galaxy to save a man made of stars.

Spectral Lakes Book Cover

Written & Illustrated by Ink Rose

When Christopher Faraday moves into the town of Spectral Lakes to study for his criminal justice degree, the fact that his family helped to found the town isn’t the foremost thing on his mind. He feels relaxed in this cozy little community, save for the strange girl named Charlotte he keeps spotting at every turn. It’s not until he meets her while walking along the lake’s shore at night that he first encounters the Lady of the Lake, the town’s mysterious cryptid whose rotting specter he spies floating over dark waters. He can scarcely believe his eyes and determines he must have been seeing things. However, soon a horrific paranormal incident shakes the town and Chris’s own heart to the core. By throwing himself into solving the mystery of the Lady and carving deep into the legacy of his ancestors, he may soon find that there are some things indeed worse than death. Containing a plethora of illustrations, this novella is a ghostly experience you won't ever forget...

"All and all, the book is a good read. It is clearly aimed at a young adult crowd and it pulls it off very well; at least for me. The characters are interesting and the setting allows for many future stories to be told. If you enjoy supernatural mystery stories then I would suggest giving this one a read." - Austin Hatt, Amazon Review

Written & Illustrated by Ink Rose

When an army of vicious dragons attacks Princess Aelwen and the peaceful land of Eveanor, she finds her kingdom and family on the brink of destruction. With escape only found by becoming a cursed dragon, Aelwen must find a way to undo the transformation and restore her land to its former glory by defeating the beastly legions and their monstrous empress. In her quest for victory, Aelwen unlocks the secrets of the land, finds refuge within a mysterious tribe, and befriends a knowledgeable, yet reluctant companion, Gerel.

And so begins the scarlet reign...

"Ink Rose excels at creating atmosphere depending on the story’s needs, sometimes otherworldly and mystical and at times dark and oppressive." - Oscar Stainton, Amazon Review
"This is a wonderful read. It has a story that looks familiar but feels like nothing else in its genre I've encountered." - Dracone, Amazon Review
Dragon Queen Scarlet Reign Book Cover

Ink Rose on YouTube

Ink Rose has over 100,000 YouTube subscribers which view her monthly videos focused on video games, art and her original stories.

Dragon Queen Book Readings

Ink Rose has produced a playlist of videos dedicated to illustrated readings of her first book, Dragon Queen: Scarlet Reign

Behind the Beta video series

 Behind the Beta is a series hosted by Ink Rose featuring interviews of various unsung heroes in the video game industry.

Spectral Lakes backstories

Ink Rose has produced a playlist of videos dedicated to illustrated readings of her second book, Spectral Lakes, Episode 01: Black Water

Ink Rose Show Hosting

Ink Rose is the audience  hostess for the Healthcare Games Showdown™ and the XR Showdown™ livestream shows.


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